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Colleen Nick
Morgan Nick
Morgan Nick, age-progressed to 18 years
Colleen and Morgan Chauntel Nick (CENTER: at the time of her abduction and RIGHT: Digital age-progression technology shows Morgan at 18 years of age)

On June 9, 1995 in Alma, Arkansas, Colleen's 6-year-old daughter, Morgan Nick, was abducted from a little league ball game by an unidentified man. She was attending the game with her mother and had joined some friends to catch lightning bugs. A massive investigation has turned up thousands of leads, but still no solid clues to the whereabouts of Morgan Nick or her abductor.

The FBI and local communities have offered a $60,000 reward for the recovery of Morgan Chauntel Nick and the identification, arrest and conviction of subject or subjects responsible for her abduction. The search continues to move forward. There have been numerous possible sightings of Morgan across the United States. Morgan's parents believe that Morgan is still alive and hope that with continued media coverage, someone will be able to provide them with information that could bring their daughter home. Colleen established the Morgan Nick Foundation to assist families in the recovery of missing children. Colleen is also a member of Team HOPE.

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