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Download printable information on the Adam Walsh Act by clicking HERE.

Adam Walsh 1The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, and the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA), set uniform minimum standards for a national sex offenders registration and notification system. Together these laws help protect our children from repeat sexual offenders.

Why should your state come into compliance?

  • AWA creates a new minimum consistent standard for all states
  • It eliminated loopholes and gaps in previous legislation
  • It holds offenders accountable based on their offenses
  •  Registration requirements are based on solid evidence, not a risk assessment by an interview with the offender
  • It will require registration of serious juvenile offenders (14 years and older) who are a possible threat to others
  •  It doesn’t require registration for non-serious juvenile activities (Consensual sex with less than 4 years age difference, sextexting)
  •  Provides the public with locations of employment, residence, and/or school potentially dangerous sex offenders are attending.
  • There is no duplication of efforts; SORNA encourages sharing of information and equipment.
  • Federal funding is available.  In the stimulus package significant increases were allocated to the JAG Byrne Grant and COPS program which can be used to implement SORNA.
  • The SEX OFFENDER SENTENCING, MONITORING, APPREHENDING, REGISTERING, and TRACKING OFFICE (SMART) created a secure communication system for all sex offender registry systems. These multimillion dollar systems were given to ALL jurisdictions!
  • Makes sure your state benefits and complies with the law!  Protect our children.

Why We Need This Law    (

Dru SjodinDru Katrina Sjodin was a 22 year old college student who attended the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. On November 22, 2003 Dru left the Columbia Shopping Mall at about 5:00 pm. While talking to her boyfriend on her cell phone, she was suddenly abducted. After 5 months, Dru's body was found in a ravine just outside Crookston, Minnesota. Dru's blood was found in car owned by a paroled level III sex offender. While the citizens of Crookston, MN were alerted about this offender's release, those who lived nearby in North Dakota were unaware of the potential risk.

The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act gives people access to information about sex offenders living anywhere in the country. The Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website is where each state can obtain information on sex offenders specific to their location.


Written by
Linda Walker
Mother of Dru Sjodin