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Collection of DNA on all Felony Arrests

Download printable information on DNA on Felony Arrest by clicking HERE.

NO ONE should get away with murder, rape, nor any other heinous crime; with collection of DNA on All Felony Arrests, they won’t.  The Surviving Parents Coalition has learned first-hand how critical collection of DNA on All Felony Arrests is to protecting the innocent and keeping the innocent out of jail.  With collection of DNA on all felony arrests, we can identify the offender and successfully prosecute them.  We can get them out of our communities and behind bars faster.

Many of our SPC members have lived through tragedies that could have been prevented, or crimes that could have been solved even decades earlier, if only DNA had been collected on arrest.  Our Stories are compelling and our members are willing to testify, start email, social media and telephone campaigns to ensure bills are passed in all 50 states and Canada.  We could use your help and support.

Currently 26 states and the federal government have passed legislation to collect DNA on Arrest.  Many more states have bills pending.  (Link to ) SPC’s goal is to work with all states and Canada until all 50 states and Canada are collecting DNA on Arrest.

“We must not wait until conviction.  Even for the most heinous crimes, conviction can sometimes take over 5 years!  That’s years of justice being delayed, years of an investigation growing cold, and years of unanswered questions.”

Collection Process

When DNA is collected on felony arrest, the suspect’s cheeks are swabbed, at the same time that the mug shot and fingerprints are taken.  That law enforcement agency sends the DNA to a lab for testing.  The information gained is from “junk DNA,” about 13 markers out of millions.  There is no medical, psychological, nor racial information.  It is only a series of numbers used to identify this person, much like a barcode on products in the store.

DNA Profile: 
0012152 (case number)
DHL (Analyst’s initials)

The DNA profile is uploaded into CODIS, our national DNA database, without even a name attached to it, only a case ID number, the lab’s name, and the analyst’s initials.  When a match occurs between an offender and DNA evidence collected from a crime, the law enforcement agency is notified and then, with a judge’s order, another DNA sample is taken from the identified suspect to verify the match.  It is a big piece of the puzzle that can set law enforcement on the right track.

Law enforcement now has to build their case and find other evidence and witnesses.  They have to determine if the suspect was even in the area of the crime.  The suspect is still innocent, until proven guilty.  Only a jury determines “guilty” or “not guilty.”   Keep in mind that less than 6 % of our population is ever arrested for a felony.  A DNA profile only identifies the suspect.  People can change their names, their appearance, even their sex.  Their DNA is unique and does not change.

By collecting DNA on Arrest, criminals will be identified earlier in their careers, and fewer cases will grow cold.  Fewer repeat offenders will be released back into our communities.  It will save investigation time, prosecution time, and court time.  It will reduce crime and save lives.

(Link to Chicago Study)  In one case study of 8 offenders, more than 60 violent crimes could have been prevented, including 53 murders and rapes, if only DNA had been collected on felony arrest.

When law enforcement has DNA evidence, fewer plea bargains are granted and prosecutions are more successful with time sentences increased significantly.  Local, state and federal governments save millions of tax dollars. ( Link to Indiana Study)  

One cold case can cost a state over $1million, but a DNA test costs less than $40.  In most jurisdictions, that is less than one hour of investigation time.  With computers and the technology available, incredible time and resources are saved; without collecting DNA on Arrest, sometimes the search for the suspect is like finding a needle in a haystack.  It can be done with a couple of key strokes by entering a DNA profile into CODIS.

We must ensure that law enforcement in every state and Canada start using this incredible technology to its maximum potential.  It is the best advance for law enforcement since the “finger print” system.  Check for the statistics in your state under “State Profile.”  Click on your state, then scroll down to “The FBI tracks the number of samples in (state) in the national database.”  Click on it.  You can find out how many offenders they have input and how many unsolved crimes (Forensic Evidence) they currently have with DNA evidence and are awaiting a match.  For example, New York currently has 35,051 unsolved crimes with DNA evidence.

Too often, those who commit crimes are released without anything more than a slap on the wrist.  40 % of these people, arrested for a felony, have already committed a rape or a murder or other heinous crime.  We need to give law enforcement the tools they need to do their jobs effectively.  

Collecting DNA for all Felony Arrests will:

 Catch criminals earlier in their “careers”
 Reduce number of repeat offenders released into our communities 
 Reduce investigation time, prosecution time and court time 
 Reduce plea bargains 
 Bring closure to victims/loved ones who are waiting for justice 
 Reduce number of victims and crimes being committed 
 Reduce the re-victimization of victims 
 Allow for consolidation of cases for serial criminals 
 Increase likelihood of Guilty Pleas to full charges 
 Increase the certainty of convictions and time sentenced 
 Exonerate the wrongly accused sooner 
 Solve more Cold Cases allowing for closure for victims
 Ultimately reduce costs to state and local governments and…
 Balance the Scales of Justice 

Does Your State Collect DNA on Arrest?  

Go to  to find out if your state collects DNA on Arrest and what bills are pending in your state 

Please take time to contact your state legislators and tell them you want your state to collect DNA on all felony arrests.  If they have any questions or need further information have them contact SPC at: 

Let’s balance the scales of justice and protect our kids.  No one should get away with murder!