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How to Become a SPC Member

Thank you for supporting our efforts. United together we become a mighty force for good. This page explains the membership types and how you can join.


Our membership consists of two basic categories: 1) Surviving Parents or 2) Family and Friends. The differences are listed below.


Parent Members are surviving parents whose child was victimized by a predatory crime such as; murder, abduction, sexual assault, or exploitation. Our membership represents a variety of outcomes that span from celebrating a safe recovery to suffering a tragic murder. We have parents with unresolved cases still searching for their loved ones. Parents like these make up the majority of the membership and drive the coalition's efforts.

To join, simply submit our online application and consent to a criminal background check through Intellicorp. We require this background history to ensure the safety of our membership. You will be charged a nominal fee by Intellicorp. We guarantee that all your information is kept private, and our membership list is not shared with outside organizations. Once the application is approved, you will be contacted by our membership chairperson who will provide additional information about our group.

To join the SPC as a parent member, download the application here.
When completed email to

SPC Background Check


Family and Friends include the broader the community of citizens dedicated the cause of child protection. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, teachers, pastors and friends make up this category.

The Family and Friends membership process is similar to parent members. Applicants submit a membership application, permit a background check through Intellicorp, then have an orientation with the membership director.

To join the SPC as a family member or friend, download the application here.
When completed email to

SPC Background Check