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This is a group of parents who have gone through every parent's worst nightmare. We honor our children by creating awareness and improving laws for child protection and safety. Many of us started our activism alone but together we are empowered to create a comprehensive approach to stop predatory crimes nationwide. Through our legislative efforts we aim to significantly improve public awareness about prevention as well as legislative progress, facilitate hands-on safety education in schools for children through young adults and promote best practices for law enforcement and communities in responding to predatory crimes. We welcome you to join the SPC, hopefully not as a Surviving Parent, but as a Friend and Family member who wants to help us protect all of our children.

The SPC has two (2) types of members: Parent Members and Friends & Family Members. No more than one (1) membership may be held by any one person.

Parent Members are surviving parents of a child who was a victim of (predatory) abduction or sexual abuse. Parent Members have voting rights for the Board of Directors and are the driving force behind the SPC’s legislative initiatives.

Friends & Family Members are either family members of a child who was a victim of abduction (and/or) sexual abuse; or a person who is impassioned by the purpose of the organization and is eagerly willing to support the organization’s purpose. Survivors are more than welcome to join us and have a special place in our advocacy efforts.

All new members must submit the on-line application. There is an orientation process for new Parent Members who may then be invited to an annual meeting where they can exercise voting rights for the Board of Directors. All types of members may be invited to serve on a committee and if you have specific interests or skills that you would like to share with the SPC, please indicate those on your application.

  Surviving Parents Coalition Board of Directors
President: Mika Moulton
Vice President: Vicki Kelly
Treasurer: Jannel Rap
Secretary: Deb Culberson
Additional Board Members:
Doug Lyall
Patti Bishop
Garry Henning
Joan Berry